Our Services

- Online Services

- Door to Door service - pick up and drop of our student

- $90 for two hours private lesson

- Students will receive certificate after complete the class

- We have most experience instructor

- 375.00 for 7 hours including axle test

Accelerated Learning Programs

The best way is to improve any students driving is by giving them more road time before the actual driving test with a professional full ADI driving instructor, to pass on their experience, critic and commend the learner where necessary. In addition, keep an eye over general proceedings. Practice makes perfect, so the more time a learner driver is on the road the better. Therefore, the best solution is for the student to have a car to practice in outside of the driving instructor's car.

Expert Driver Trainers

We believe in personal training as an alternative to the cookie-cutter approach. Our bright, modern (some would say ‘stylish’) classrooms offer you (or your child) a safe & fun way to learn to drive. When it comes to safety, Paul's Driving School is there with you every step of the way.

Attractive Discounts

If you have your provisional driving licence you can start driving lessons as soon as you like. If you do not have a provisional driving licence you can apply for one by filling out a D1 form which you can get at the post office. A provisional driving licence allows you to start driving lessons or learn with a relative or friend. It is illegal to start without it.